Dark  – silver, charcoal,  beige                     Light  – white, silver, beige      

Silver –   white, silver, charcoal       MooriT – white, coco, beige   

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West Australian Wool Tops ...  A blend of beautifully soft longwool  [Corriedale & crossbred  Melanian  sheep] in

 naturally coloured Western Australian Wool is hand selected  specifically for our Dreamee  and  Feathering wool Tops. Personally selected by the owner of Bilby Yarns for soft handle, strength, lustre, seed & vm free, length, colour and micron. After scouring, carding and combing there are no chemical treatments added.   Ideal for handspinning and feltmaking .  Approx.20 grams per metre 

...  6 natural colours  [approx 24/25mic]...                                        [also available fine white & natural black 19 micron]

silver grey                   natural white                    charcoal                    moorit beige                      coco                         wheat                 

Naturally coloured W.A.wool tops in 4 feathering variations…

WOOL DEPOT for  Melanian Sheep Breeders  Society of Australian Inc

   All year supply of greasy raw fleece –soft handle, fine/medium micron corriedale,

       corriedale/MerinoX,                                         [greasy]

          Black, light, mid & dark grey, beige, tan, brown, light/dark grey variegated, white 


       Black sheep promotional items  include sheep print linen tea towels, notepaper, tee-shirts.

   Hand knit garments, beanies, socks, scarves Hand made wool felt items, hand spun wool yarn


These absolutely beautiful wool yarns are a dream to use, either for knitting, crochet or weaving.  They can be felted and overdyed.

The wool fleece is not chlorinated and the yarns are untreated. That is, after scouring and PH balance there are NO CHEMICAL treatments to the tops or yarns; such as dyes, anti-pill, pre shrink, machine washable. The lubricant used during spinning is water soluble.   With so many people sensitive to wool, we felt it may be the modern chemical treatments used and not the wool causing the sensitivity.  With Gentle care of your woollen garment you will be well rewarded with a garment that is pure and natural.


Silver Grey








Natural White







12  PLY    [tex 260x3]  approx.1220m/kg   WPI 9  Needles 6 mm (UK4 US9) 151/2 sts /10cm

                                                                                            Available in 250g skeins         

8 PLY   [tex 260x2] approx.1830m/kg wpi 10 Needles 4 mm [UK8 US5] 20.5 -22 sts/10cm

                                                                                              Available in 250g skeins     

4 PLY [tex 110x3]  app..2900m/kg  wpi 14  Needles 3.25 or 3. mm [UK9/10 US3/4] 26-28sts/10cm

                                                           Available in  50g ball,  250g skeins,  500g cones

3 PLY [tex 110x2]   approx 4300m/kg  wpi 18 Needles 3mm  [UK111 US 2] 31st/10cm

[for sock knitting use 2.75mm]       Available in nat.white, silver, beige   200g skeins, 50g ball

2 PLY [2/14 ] [tex 64x2]    approx 7844m/kg    wpi 20 Needles 2.75 mm   [UK12 US1 ]  

                               Available in silver, charcoal, beige only     250g skeins, 500g cones

1 PLY [2/22] [tex 40x2] approx.11,900m/kg wpi 24 Needles 1.25mm -2.5mm 

                                                                             Available silver charcoal beige 500g cones

"DREAM ON" is an unfinished SINGLE thread to be used for plying with handspun yarn  

                                                                                  [Approx 300g cones]     

Only  West Australian Wool is used in

the manufacture of our tops and yarns

Agent in Western Australia for  new  spinning wheels & weaving looms  by ASHFORD, Ettrick,  Windwheel, Louet, . Swallow Australian casein knitting needles;    Australian dyed Merino Wool tops,  Gaywool dyes. Second hand equipment available.

West Australian Alpaca fibre & other exotic fibres.  Victorian Tapestry Workshop Yarns in 360 colours,   Tussah silk yarns,

Australian & Interweave magazines, books;   Swedish cottons, cottolin, linen, seine twine/warp threads, Nz tekapo yarns & tops

GAYWOOL   DYES …FOR Wool, Mohair, Angora, Silk, Nylon                                             ASHFORD DYES

[colour cards]                                                                                                                                                 100% concentrate for protein fibres      

Easy to use, safe and  economical, Gaywool dyes are chemically based,                                   Individual colours 10g …

colour fast, and dyeing operation takes only 30mins.    Fully compatible,

they can be blended, diluted, strengthened and used hot or cold water.                        

Wear gloves and face mask to avoid inhalation, ingestion and skin contact.                                                                        3 x 10g 

Dye in well ventilated area       Originals        Bush blends                                                                                          


NATURAL DYES….  Our natural  dyes are grown in Western Australia and.are available seasonally        

Plant materials include Correopsis,  Aloe ,  Kangaroo straps,  Eucalyptus Cinerea,  Camomile,  Weld

The colours vary according to whether a mordant is used and include yellow, gold, orange, brown, greens etc.

21 MICRON dyed AUSTRALIAN MERINO WOOL Tops      [approx 12grams per metre] …sold by weight  

                                  solid colours                                                                                    blended colours                           Merino/Silk 85/15%  

Woolly Delight’  packs   [Weight approx 180g] -  21 micron dyed Australian Merino Wool tops

… ... brown, yellow, orange, red, green    …...  pink, blue, purples   … reds, ochre, greys, blacks, camel ….variety of random colours

Mini merino packs,  5 colour ways  x 9 shades in each pack – greens, blues, purple/pink, orange/yellow, red/brown

Fine  21 micron  Aust.WHITE MERINO wool Tops  

                                  NAT PAKS  200g    …     50g each Dream naturally coloured wool tops-silver, white, charcoal, beige

                                  Nat Pak Feathering     200g    [50g each dark, light, silver & moorit beinge feathering wool tops]

                                WOOL PACK  400g  …  50g each x 4 Dreamee wool tops & x 4 feathering combinations- light, dark, silver, beige

Bilby Yarns proudly  Western  Australian owned